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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

I wrote this about 3 years ago but I feel it is timely. Aloha, Nancy

How perfect that as I sat down to write this article that I became blocked. I had an expectation of how it should look and what it should say. There is the word that I chose to write about staring me in the face. In all of our daily lives we hold expectations of ourselves and others. We even hold expectations of the universe of how our bills should be paid, a new relationship coming into our life, and the disappointment when it doesn’t happen. And then along comes the word ‘fear’. In our expectations do we fear the outcome? Are we afraid of success or failure? Do we follow old patterns set up from remarks and decisions of a younger self?

The meaning of expectation from the dictionary is: 1. a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen, 2. a mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality, 3. a standard of conduct or performance expected by or of somebody, and in the plural- somebody’s likely prospects of wealth or success in the future.

I recently returned from a 12-day visit to the mainland where I went to care for my father who needs constant care. For some reason I knew that I had to let go of my plans for the trip and that the flow would have a life of it’s own. The first thing that happened was that the daytime caretaker asked for a week off for a vacation of her own. Then the weekend caretaker said she would cover 2 of the 5 days that the other would be gone. That still gave me time to see my friends and family and possibly see some clients while I was in Portland. The first Saturday I was there the weekend caretaker did not show up and refused to return my calls. My relief disappeared and my expectations for the next week had to be let go of. The universe gave me a friend who shopped for the supplies I needed, and my sister came so that I could return my younger son to his home and celebrate his birthday with a breakfast out. I had visited my older son when I first arrived and saw my granddaughter. I wanted to spend more time with them and my son said he would come over to visit me during my week (although I had the feeling he wouldn’t show up) when I couldn’t leave. He didn’t show up or call and my disappointment was palpable, and I had manifested exactly what I had expected.

I thought I had done so well releasing expectations till a friend showed me that my expectations of my son were still hanging on. How often do we hold expectations of another person and then get disappointed when they don’t hold up their part (and they may not have even known about). Perhaps we expect our spouse to remember our birthday but our belief is that they won’t. The universe responds to our vibrations of thought and beliefs. If we hold that they will forget, and that we will be angry if they do forget, we hold an expectation of them and ourselves. That thought blocks the energy of a loving spouse remembering our birthday and celebrating it with us. If we are willing to communicate with our spouse in a loving manner and tell them what we would like for that special day, let them decide what they want to do and be happy with whatever happens, we have just opened the door for spontaneity and success.

We are great creators and we create our life by our expectations. We can either let the universe give us our dreams or not, by holding on to a fear of the outcome. Anxiety is fear of outcome. Depression is a result of never getting what we want and believing that we can’t. If you look at the universe responding to our vibration then we have no one to blame for an outcome. We can take ownership in our thoughts and change the vibration to a more positive thought. Life isn’t about blame, shame or guilt, but about loving ourselves and others.

As children did we expect to loose a race or be the last chosen for sides in a game, and how often did we create that outcome. What is the belief that we created? We may believe that others would love us more if we let them win, or that I am not good enough and so what is the use. As children we have magical thinking about outcomes and when we are ignored or put down (usually just careless remarks) we set up a belief pattern that will affect our lives until we consciously change it. We carry those beliefs into our lives knowing that we will never get the good job, that we can’t write an article, or we don’t deserve a loving partner.

The good news is that just as easily as we put those beliefs into our vibrational field we can also change them. Everyone has heard of the person who is given only a few weeks to live and ended up living many strong, healthy years. That person didn’t believe the expectation of the learned person making the statement. That person changed the vibration of belief and decided and knew he would live a long life. The other person, who is told he only has a few weeks to live, lives only a few more weeks because of his belief system. Which do you choose?

Have you ever known that you were so tired when you went to bed that you would probably oversleep and slept through the alarm? At one time I thought it was a premonition that I wouldn’t wake up and often got up late. I then realized that I put that thought in my head and it gave me the excuse not to get up. As soon as I realized this I changed my expectation of myself and am rarely late. I choose to wake up on my own even if I set the clock at the wrong time and it works. I set the intention the night before and I wake up in perfect timing.

How do we release our fears and doubts about expectations? Practice! If we miss the mark, the next time we go in with a positive attitude. It is important to know that you deserve to be happy, loved, and fulfilled. Take negative thoughts and words out of your conversation about others or yourself. Stay in the present and release the old apparent negative beliefs or memories of happenings in the past. Know that life can be wonderful. Be in gratitude for the experiences and people in your past, for it is showing you how you can be and what you choose. Choose to live an amazing life and when your life gives you lemons, give thanks and make lemonade.

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