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Friends come and go throughout our life. As you become older, you realize how important friends are. When my father retired he said it amazed him that he had very few friends. The good thing, is that he went out and found and made friends, and when he died he had many.

I was thinking the other day, about a special friend, who passed over a year and a half ago. His name was Timothy, and I met him here on the Big Island of Hawaii. I met him at a friends’ house and he had a picture of dolphins with the beautiful magenta light in the center. When I saw that picture I knew that he was special. He had a severe heart condition and he told the story of when he was in hospice that he decided to go out and swim with the dolphins. The dolphins changed his life. When he was swimming with them he heard in his head, to turn around and take a picture. That picture is the one that you see here.

 When I first met him I was not attracted to him except for his story. But then I saw him a few days later at an alternative medicine conference and for some reason we hit it off. I know now that it was karma that we had many lifetimes together. For some reason I knew that I loved him deeply and didn’t know the reason why. We became a couple for a short amount of time. Before long, I knew that I could no longer be with him. 

He moved to Texas, and we lost touch. From Texas, he moved to Florida, where his ex-wife and his son lived. In 2004, I moved to Dallas Texas and heard about him from many people. I’d heard that he had had another heart attack, and I still had his number and called. Because of the depth of healing and knowing each other for many lifetimes we became good friends again. Through our friendship, and his time spent in Dallas, he introduced me to many of my friends that I met there. I know now that we set up situations and connections at earlier times in our life that show up in our present life.

If I had not met him in Hawaii, if he had not gone to Dallas before me, I would not have had the experience that I did in Dallas. I saw in other ways how we set things up because there is part of us that knows where we will be in future times. I saw how we have to meet certain people, experience certain things, to create roadblocks or meetings or synchronicity in the future. 

It is my feeling that friends are wonderful mirrors for us. They help us to bring out emotions that help us to look into our deepest soul. If they make us angry, who are we really angry at? That is the question. If they make us happy and joyful, it is a reflection of the joy that is deep inside. They help us to remember how to play. Sometimes they help us to pull the weeds out of our psyche. When we become frustrated or critical, who was critical of us? Where in our earlier years did we learn these behaviors? 

Friends come and go in our life. I was on Facebook this morning, and saw many old friends who I went to high school with. I saw some of their accomplishments, some of their hardships, their travels, and it brought back memories. It made me smile. I have the picture of Timothy’s dolphins up onmy wall and it wanted to share it with others. We shared a lot in the time that we knew each other. I remember the good and the bad, the joy and the pain, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I think of him often and since we can no longer communicate on the phone I called him on the ETHERnet. His smile, the stories, the memories are all there. And sometimes he even answers me. 

Friends are like a flower garden. Sometimes we have to weed out the ones that no longer serve us. The flowers are beautiful when we nurture them, and they wilt and die when we forget them. Sometimes we even remember them much more beautifully than they ever were, as we all have our flaws. But the memory of the beauty of our friendships will never die. 

I would like to dedicate this musing to all the friends I’ve ever had and all the friends whose paths I have not yet crossed. I am happy that you have been in my life, that you have helped me plant seeds that have nurtured me into a better me. For those long-lost, I hope that someday we will meet again. When we do, I hope that we recognize each other, or that our memories are faded enough to only remember the good times.


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