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Sharing a Childs Accomplishments

A couple of days ago I was asked whether I would help with Portfolio Sharing Day at Honaunau School, a local elementary school. I was thrilled to participate as a volunteer as some parents can’t come. When I arrived this morning I was told that I would have to wait because the parent of the boy I had been given showed up unexpectedly. So I waited until all of the parents had signed in and went up to get my next assignment. I was given another child’s name and was escorted to her room. When I arrived the teacher told me that my new student’s parents had arrived late and had just taken her. I was so happy and returned to try one more time for an assignment.

I was led by one of the coordinators to find a student who I could listen to and buddied up with another adult. The girl’s name was Sophia, a beautiful 2nd grader who appeared a bit shy but proceeded to show us her portfolio filled with her year’s accomplishments. She shared a science project about frogs that she had done on the computer. She said she liked to use the computer more than writing it out. (A definite sign of the times.) She then proceeded to read more of the things that she had written. I was wonderful to see her handwriting and spelling improve as the year progressed. The portfolio also included a self-portrait that was very good. She wanted to become a singer or teacher. Perhaps she will be all of these when she grows up.

It was such a treat to spend time with such a beautiful light. She became concerned when she saw other students going back to the classroom even though our time was not up, so we released her and she ran back to join her classmates. The other adult worked at the school and shared that she had had some problems at the beginning of the school year and it was such a joy to see how much she had improved.

I have worked many years with youth, being a Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader. I remember the heartache of the children when no one showed up to congratulate them on their accomplishments, usually due to illness or work. I am so glad that now we have the ability to sit in and encourage the youth of today. I can’t tell you how happy it made me that my assignments to the other children were not needed.

Many of us remember the parent or teacher who did not give us encouragement when we needed it the most. Kindness begets kindness and praise helps us to grow. Make today a day of joy in someone else’s life. Tell someone how much you appreciate them and the things they do. Don’t forget to turn that praise inward and tell yourself how proud you are of YOU.

Have a great day!

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