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Good Vibrations

Growing up, one of the most important things to us is having the love of our parents. Even when abusive, most children will do anything to stay with their parents.

As we grow older, we swear that we will never be like our parents, and we are so surprised when we see our parents within us. What makes this so much like them? Why do we often get in relationships that mirror that aspect of our parents that we so hated?

As we grow up we take on the vibration of our parents. If our parents are angry or depressed we often take on their energy around it. My mother grew up during the depression and when she was six years old she said that she was afraid and didn’t know why she was afraid. Of course they had little food in her family, little work, and they lived in Nebraska during the time that they called it the dust bowl. She took on the vibration of fear that not only her family had, but the community and the country around her.

To my mother, it was very important for her to keep her family together. As I grew up I always tried to stay in touch with my brothers and sisters, to instigate many family gatherings, and in a way to be the peacekeeper. I loved my mother so much and I always strove to be as good as her. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I saw that she had human traits just like everyone else. It surprised me the first time she got so upset she screamed at me. She was no longer perfect.

When I began to do my own healing work, I saw some the traits that I took on to fit in. Sometimes I didn’t like those traits that I carried and as I looked at their origins I realized that I took them on to match those of my mother’s. My mother died in 2001. She was a great teacher as she taught me how to love myself even more.

Through her humanness, I learned that I didn’t need to give so much to everyone else. It was very important for me to learn to love myself. I learned it wasn’t important to change myself so that others would love me. What was more important was to learn that we are all deserving of love. How can we love someone else if we don’t know how to love ourselves?

When we look and listen inside ourselves do we hear a symphony of joy or discordant notes that seem to always be off key? Joy and happiness tend to be these beautiful melodies. When we are angry or sad the music inside is off key or badly out of tune. When the only notes we know are off tune, and that is the only song that we are used to, then we try to find that vibration within our life even if it is unpleasant. And when we have joy in our life then the funeral dirge is just not acceptable.

Life is a choice of which path, or which song, or which relationship we will get into. If we don’t like the song that’s playing then change the station. We bring in relationships that are mirrors to what’s inside. We can’t change what the other person is listening to, we can only change the tune that’s playing inside our own being. If someone’s listening to heavy rock music, we can walk away or be irritated because we don’t like what they’re playing.

As we learn to love ourselves more we have more discernment about what we will tolerate in our life. If we don’t like what we’re hearing inside of ourselves, then we need to change it. If we don’t like what someone else is playing inside them and we truly love ourselves then we have the choice to walk away.

Love is like a beautiful symphony. It makes you want to dance to the music. It brings a smile to your face, and as your face lights up, you light up the world around you.

Something to ponder: what vibration do you wish to hold inside your cells today and the rest of your life?

Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations a happenin inside to keep this loving good vibrations… good, good, good, good, vibrations.

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