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Bowl of Light

Yesterday I met two very special Kahunas Keolamaikalani and Kanoaokalani ( ). We spoke at length about healing and protection. But one of the things I wanted to share today is about something I speak about in my practice and something that they spoke about also. The subject is our BOWL OF LIGHT.

The Hawaiian culture believes that when we are born we have a bowl of light in our heart space. This light is our true spark that is the flame of our true self. When we come into the world we have a purity and innocence. As we grow, we begin to place in our bowl rocks that are our guilt, shame, things that we have done to others and things that others have done to us, where we hold resentments and anger. The bowl begins to fill up and we hide our true self, our purity. Those rocks weaken us and add to our burden. They often result is pain and illness in our bodies. They pull us out of balance.

The beautiful thing about the bowl is there is always a small bit of light that escapes through the rocks. And...we can always dump out the rocks. When we dump out the rocks, the earth, Gaia, the mother, takes the rocks and transforms them. Then we can see the light and feel the weight of our memories lifted into light.

They also asked whether I believe in forgive and forget. They went on to explain that forgiveness of ourself and others is so important because it empties our bowls. If we don't forgive then it weakens our body which can be demonstrated by kinesiology. But the important thing is not to forget that we had the anger or the lesson. As we remember we can change our responses in our lives.

We can't change someone else, only ourselves. What someone did to you may not have been okay and that will be their karma. How we respond to that will be our karma.

When we are sensitive to other's emotions, empathy, we often bring their emotions and energies into ourselves. We often think that we will be more accepted or loved if we take on a piece of someone else's energy. It is important to place a bubble of light and protection around us and separate the need to be accepted. Then separate yourself from their drama and yours by releasing the energetic cords that hold us into that story.

We are perfect just the way we are, just the same way they are perfect just the way they are. Everyone is working on a different part of themselves and different lessons than you. It may seem dark but if you are capable of shining the light from your bowl in response to their perceived darkness then you can show them the light in the bottom of their bowl and assist them to dump out their burden.

People have asked me in their sessions how to forgive. It is not from the mental body that forgiveness comes but from the heart. Set the INTENTION of forgiveness from the space of true light and love, that space of the spark of light that is within us all. Allow the flame to burn out all of the darkness from your heart and dump out the rocks and your burden. Love the younger part of you that believed that he or she was not treated well, not loved, or not worthy and hold that part of you in your arms.

If you look at quantum physics we are all part of everything. We are loosing electrons and gaining electrons from everything we are around including other people. So we are truly a part of all. Choose to shine your light to everyone, don't hide it under a rock. Rocks are heavy and it is always nice to lighten your load.

So, love one another, but love yourself first. From there you will learn that often the people who "done you wrong" are just hurt little kids trying to find the path of light within themselves. But dumping out your bowl of light you will help to heal them in the subtlest way. And you will grow strength within yourself.

Whenever I think of the bowl of light, I think of the song I learned in Girl Scouts: This little guiding light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, This little guiding light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Have a beautiful light filled day.

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