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The Teacher

When you ask for guidance a teacher will come. Often the teacher doesn’t look like a teacher or guru but like a friend, a partner, or someone who you get very angry at. When the teacher comes, we often want to shoot the messenger.

Today I was lucky. My teacher came because of a request. I know in my work of alternative medicine, because of my being an empath, I tend to take on other people’s pain. I am much better than I was in the past but I know my body still holds a lot of stuck energy in the form of pain.

As I lay on the table getting a massage this morning, I asked my guides to teach me how to not pull other’s pain into my body. I looked at how I took on my mother’s pain when I was a little girl, thinking it would help her and maybe make her see me more clearly. It didn’t help and now I have a lot of pain in my body. Our brain is such a good learner of repetition that it holds onto the pain loop. Looking back, my mother was one of my teachers about pain and how we think we can make a difference by being just like them. Well I am a good example of how we can’t fix someone else or make him or her love us more by emulating them.

I was talking this morning to my girlfriend Linda who is a very good channel, and she tells me that I need to start working with color energies, and not to run them through me but to run them outside of my energy field and into my patients. I had told her nothing about my request but my guides wanted me to know that they were listening. I was given my first lesson of the day from my guides.

Right now so many people are getting some really intense lessons about walking on this earth in a more fruitful, giving, and loving way. They are getting lessons on how to love themselves more, listening to that higher-self voice inside, and not taking someone else’s word as gospel if it doesn’t feel good. This also includes the way our government is run and the way we treat the earth. We may need many teachers to teach us to trust our inner guidance if we are not good listeners. We may get in a series of relationships that do not feel good. And until we learn our lesson of loving ourselves and listening to that voice inside, then we will continue in that loop of dysfunctional relationships. We always have a choice.

I watched the new movie, “EAT, PRAY, LOVE” and it was a profound novel about finding that place inside. She looks for teachers outside of herself, listens to them when she finds them, but when the time comes, she must feel what the truth is inside. Even the book and the movie is a grand teacher to mass audiences.

When you want an answer, first ask inside of your heart. Don’t look inside your mind if you want to heal the heart. Growth doesn’t always come easy. My son reminded me that he grew about a foot in his final year in high school and how painful it was. He always wanted to be tall, and he got his request but to grow there is always a stretching of our limits.

When you get an answer, don’t question by running the answer through your mind. Look through the heart. Then you know the answer from that deep core place inside yourself.

If someone tells you they can fix you, run for the hills. When people give you a guarantee, they are working though the ego and not through the infinite source energy deep inside that connects us to each other. A good guide does not give you the answers but teaches you how to find the answers deep inside our knowing.

So the next time you get a teacher that makes you angry or sad, don’t shoot the messenger. If you go inside and feel the pain, give them thanks for the lessons they show you. If you get a teacher that gives you feeling such an amazing feeling inside and you decide you want more, don’t be afraid of the feeling of joy and divine love. That truly is who you are. Remember, your teacher is always within your reach and sometimes we only have to reach inside ourselves.

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