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Being In A State of Awareness

Before I left on my journey, I had a friend tell me that I would meet someone in my travels to Palm Desert. She told me to be observant of those that came into my life. Yesterday was one of those days of being aware.

I had just arrived in Palm Springs to see a friend who I haven't seen for a year. We got to the pool and before I could slip into the pool we heard a gentleman ask if I could drive him to his bank. What an odd request from a complete stranger and especially when my girlfriend had just connected about 10 minutes before. He stated that his electricity had been turned off because of repairs and his car had been locked into his garage. He had looked around for a friend to take him and could find no one.

I was very torn because #1 I did not know who he was and #2 my friend would be left alone if I took him. And with her children there she could not drive this man, it was up to me. I asked my higher self what to do. I was told strongly to go. Perhaps this was who I was supposed to meet.

As we headed out to the car he invited myself, my girlfriend and her mother to an evening at his home, only it would be in two days time. My girlfriend was going to be heading back to work and to her home north of LA and her mom would be watching the kids. Palm Springs is over a half hour drive from our home in Palm Desert. It seemed an odd invitation but I realized that I could make it, I only needed to step out of my comfort zone.

On the way to the bank we talked about where I was from and he had a home on the same island where I live. He told me a bit about his travel plans for the year and the homes he had around the states.

He also told me that he appreciated the gift of service that I had given him. He said he always tried to help others in need and that it came second nature. I was glad that my discomfort did not stop me from helping him.

Perhaps he was a gift from the spirit world. In Hawaii there is a legend that if you see and old woman walking along the side of the road and she stops you and asks for a ride, that it is important to offer. Pele (the goddess of the volcano and a strong spirit of Hawaii) tests you. Offering her the ride is a selfless service and after you let her out at her destination she often disappears as you look back in your mirror.

What gifts does the land bring? What are you willing to receive? Being in a state of awareness of the people and gifts around you blesses each and every step of your journey here on earth. Be kind to all you meet, walk gently on this earth, stay in a place of the heart, and be open to what crosses our path. Who knows what this event on Friday will bring but I am open to the possibilities.

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

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