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Solstice A Time of Transition

As some of you know, my life has taken me on a ride that I was not expecting. In November, I received a message that I was not doing what I was supposed to on my life path and that my transition would be gentle push. Well, my higher self gave me a whole month to wonder what it was about.

I can’t say that I know what it is about yet but I was informed by my landlord the first week of December that I had to move out. He is planning some renovations to the home I am living in and his family was coming for a visit and so he needed the space for them. Within a week, I heard a voice to call my landlords from my first home on the island, who are now good friends. They had a beautiful home that was available to rent, and is within walking distance to Kealakekua Bay.

I have had a storage locker full of furniture and personal items in Dallas, Texas since April of 2005 when I moved back to the island. I have been calling my things to me for the last year but not knowing where to put them because I was living in a furnished home. It is now on it’s way. I had to have an empty home to place my things in.

I also applied for a job that would have given me a steady income. I was swimming and meditating when I heard “what do you choose with your work?” I said that I wanted to have the freedom of the flow of a day, the ability to swim when I wished and to make a steady income doing the things I love. And I heard, “then choose what you wish”. I had a great interview but didn’t get the job.

Instead I have some wonderful guests coming to stay at my new home. I have also been told to do the seminars that I love. My first seminar will be on Manifesting Your Dreams in 2012 and will take place in April. The other seminars will be in the fall, taking place in September, October, November, and December, helping to bring in the new energies.

To punctuate the new energies coming in for me, I won the door prize two weeks in a row at our weekly Rotary meeting. I have just had this wonderful flow in my life since the opening of the doorway to my life path.

I read a newsletter from Mellen Thomas Benedict and he spoke of the opening of the doorway to his life purpose this year. He was told in 1982 that he would expect this transition in 25-30 years but he needed to work on some things first. To read more on his wonderful journey go to

2012 is not about ascending up into a new dimension, or the destruction of the world, but a doorway opening to a new flow that is easier if we are willing to get out of our own way. We have to let give up the old paradigm of how things work and be willing to choose in such a more inventive way. Why limit ourselves to the surprise of door 1, 2, or 3, when we can have an informed decision of what we want and we can have it all.

Solstice has just passed and the time of light is lengthening not only physically but also metaphorically. Allow the abundance in our life to flow. Do it with an open heart, stepping out of fear. For many of us, it is not just about what we do in life but bringing in the open-heart space for all. Let go of the judgment of others and see them opening to their full potential. Manifest your dreams and see others manifesting theirs.

May the light grow in your heart in the same way that the sun’s light is growing each day. Blessings to you and yours’ this holiday season. May all your dreams come true in 2012.

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    Dolphin Healing Touch - Full Journal - Solstice A Time of Transition

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