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FEAR is a 4 Letter Word

In a time of change in the world, our greatest fears seem to surface. With joblessness up, foreclosures, and many governments in turmoil, our very infrastructure of beliefs is getting turned upside down. It is important to find a new way of traversing our day-to-day life, to come into harmony with our own little world.

As we come into the end time of the Mayan calendar, there are many speculations that surface. Many of them are doomsday prophecies, stories of ascension into the great unknown and others that just believe that we will just stay the same and nothing will happen.

No matter what, the world is changing. We have had 2011 as the year of revolt with people from all over the world leading protests (Occupy Wall Street, European protests, Libya, and all over the middle east, just to name a few). The people who run the banks are back peddling and there is more disclosure happening on mainstream news.

The United States has been in an unwanted war and is in financial distress with joblessness and foreclosures. Many of the baby boomers do not have much retirement and the possibility that they will lose what they saved or Social Security payments will not be available is a real potential.

So much for what is happening in the world. If we stay in fear we only see what is a doomsday prophecy. If we stay in our hearts, we will be able to create a beautiful world around us.

What if the truth about the end of the Mayan Calendar is about a change within us? What if we will be able to manifest things in our world more quickly with only a passing thought?

Think about being in fear. When we are thinking about the ‘what if’ in a negative thought or feeling, we are projecting our beliefs into the future. The ‘what if’ is an imaginary dream state or thought form. The fear of stepping forward is holding us back from creating something that feels good. It is like when we were little kids and in the dark of our room, we become fearful of the unknown. When that happened, we were often too afraid to get up and turn on the light to see what was really making the noise or shadows. If you got up and turned on the light, you laughed at your imagined predator which was a tree limb, a house cat outside, the lights going by from the cars on the street. Our perceptions were much worse than reality.

One of the ways we know we are in fear is it doesn’t feel good. I am reading a wonderful book to my granddaughter right now. The name of the book is “Sara, Book 1” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It is meant as a primer for feeling good. I will state that it has changed my life.

This book is written from a child’s world of fear and loneliness and the changes that she goes through that change her life.. She begins practicing feeling good rather than feeling from a place of pain. As Sara begins practicing the Law of Attraction she sees how her beliefs create the wonderful things around her. When she feels bad, she stays in the “chain of pain”. As she practices her new skills, she finds out how much easier it is and how much staying in her heart is something she likes. She sees how the world begins to change around her.

What if when something feels bad, we find something to feel good about? Wouldn’t you rather feel good than feel bad? I know I would rather feel good. If you think good things about people, you give them space to change. If you think bad things about others or a situation, there is no way out. If you become angry about a situation or another persons beliefs or actions, the only thing you can really do is change the belief or fear inside.

April 30, I am offering a seminar on FEAR is a 4 Letter Word. This class is a result of guidance and the work that I have been doing for the last 17 years. As the energies change is this amazing year, it is important that we learn to manifest from our hearts and not from our fears.

In January I moved out of my beautiful home of 2 ½ years. Listening to that little voice inside, I called an old friend, found a home that was even more beautiful and set up for my work even better. I was able to reconnect with my belongings I had left in Texas in 2005 that had been in storage. (That is another long story of divine guidance.) I have had more abundance since moving into my new space, I get to see the dolphins and whales from the grassy yard at the front of my new home, and I am beginning to teach again.


So if you are ready to practice letting go of your fears, want a fabulous vacation, come to Hawaii April 30th through May 6th 2012 and begin your journey. It happens one step at a time. If you have too many excuses to not come then Hawaii is definitely the place to be. It is your first step to transforming your life.

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