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Time For Change

It has been over a year since I last wrote anything. I can't believe it's been so long. About that same time I felt I was guided to write a book. I think I got a whole sentence written and then I quit. I actually started working at a job that I really enjoyed. I found that I didn't have the energy or the perseverance to write while I was working.

In the spring, things came to a head. I became so tired with work and the stresses of work that the only thing that I could do was keep plodding along. My vacation rental and my private work came to a standstill. I realized I just didn't have the energy to do anything but work. I wasn't happy, and this summer really pushed my buttons. I became depressed, lost, and not knowing what direction I was supposed to be. The universe had another agenda.

A friend of mine and I got together and I told her how unhappy I was. She asked whether I really enjoyed my work anymore or whether I was supposed to be doing something else. I felt rather bad because our conversation had so much negativity and it, but I just had to voice my feelings to someone who could help me understand. I saw the light and at the tunnel, and I realized I needed to quit my job.

The moment I realized that I had not had any vacation rentals for a couple of months, and that the universe and my energy had blocked the ability to manifest someone staying here, I put the energy out there I had two calls for rentals. I also started having clients again. I always find it interesting how the universe honors our subconscious wishes. We may not even understand that we don't want something, but our energy puts a certain vibration out and helps us to create what is needed.

I sat and listened to my thoughts and my inner guidance and realized I had put off writing a book for way too long. I had not even written in my blog. I had to ask myself whether I had ignored inner guidance by taking this job, but I felt that I did not. There was a part of me that wanted a steady income, and the universe listened. I was able to experience the ability to make steady money, but when it lost its joy I had to rethink.

If I've learned anything about life, it's that enjoying life no matter what is given to us is our prime directive. We have choices every day and how we respond to things we are given, people we meet, or how we learn to live our life.

So, then you ask how did I become depressed? When I talked to others, I found that there were many people that were going through changes within their life. This summer has been a time of transition for many of my friends and acquaintances. Whether you believe in astrology, or the ascension theory, or just what your beliefs are, it is my feeling that we had been going through a time of change here on this Earth. We need to be more in alignment with our true purpose and things that get in our way are being taken away, and ripped out of our awareness. Old paradigms just don't work anymore. And, we can dig our feet in, or choose to go along for the ride.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I no longer am working at a regular job., Now I can start a new passion. I need to let go of an old habit of mine…procrastination. This is actually something that I've been working on for the last year. I think it will serve me well.

So, getting on with my life, writing with a passion, and living in joy. This is the first step. I feel the universe is supporting me. I will step into the world of me the writer, the healer, and the hostess was a beautiful vacation rental by the sea.

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