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Last fall, I was really looking at myself in the mirror, literally and figuratively. I was about to turn 60, was overweight and really starting to look like my mother as I remember her aging. I was not very happy with myself. The chatter in my head was not complimentary and I knew I needed to do something with my attitude and my image.

I acknowledged it was a time for change, both inner and outer. The outer had to change first. My hair had been long for 20 years. It is amazing how much old energy we hold in our hair. I always felt it was so much a part of me because everyone commented on my long blond hair. My hair stylist also did not want to cut my hair.

Soon after, I went to the movie, Hereafter, with Matt Damon, and Cecile De France who played the tsunami survivor. I loved her hair. I copied a picture of her and cut out my face and put it into her hair. I called my hairstylist and demanded that he cut my hair. We were both excited with the results. It was the beginning of a new me.

One of the things about transformation is that the inner needs to change as much as the outer. I knew it was unhealthy to have so much weight that I have been carrying around for too long. But, I had tried to balance my thyroid with no results and the weight just didn’t want to budge. I had seen the results of so many people who had lost a lot of weight with the HCG (pregnancy hormone) diet and I was very leery about taking a hormone that may cause side effects. The turning point was when I spoke to a friend and she told me how the pain left her body when she started on the diet. I began to consider it.

I ran into a physician friend of mine at a Braco event and she told me not only of her weight loss but also her husband’s. I was finally convinced that it was a rapid but also safe diet. A girlfriend, who is a nurse, spoke about a doctor that she worked for 40 years ago in South Africa using that diet. She said the only side effect she had observed was that the young girls got pregnant. I knew I was safe from that.

So, she and I started on the diet and have been a mutual support for each other ever since. I have lost a total of 37 pounds since February, and am currently on a maintenance cycle with the diet. I haven’t felt this good for 10 years. I really had to be ready for this diet. It is a strict diet of 500 calories a day, but it has not been hard. I see the pounds coming off and my body being resculpted. The difficulty is during maintenance, which offers a wider variety of food and not going back to old patterns of sweets and carbs.

During this time, I have not had a lot of energy, so I have had to decide what is important to me. I have tried to start projects and they have been stonewalled, so I gave it up knowing that there would be a better time. I have learned to surrender to timing and grace. If I didn’t have the energy, I honored that.

My clothes closet is shrinking just as I am beginning to shrink. I am almost missing out on wearing clothes I have not worn for 6 years. I was going out coqui frog hunting the other night and knew I couldn’t wear the jeans in my closet because they would have fallen off while hiking around the hills around my home. Luckily, I had a smaller pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear a month ago when I went to the mainland that fit great now. I am reminded of how we have clothes given to us when we have a newborn, and the larger clothes we put in a drawer and our child grows faster than we remember about the next larger size. For me it is the other way around.

I am starting a new cycle of work and transforming my space around me. I am working with a Kumu at Pu’u Honua O’ Honaunau (The place of refuge) next week for the 50th anniversary of the park where we will do healing for people who come to experience the true Hawaii.

I have a friend’s daughter who is coming to stay for 2 weeks at the end of the month. She is choosing to transform and will do therapy every day and travel to the beach and around the island. It should be fun to watch her blossom. I look forward to sharing my gifts of healing with her and letting her experience the healing of the dolphins and the aina (the land).

I am open to the transformation of life. I am willing to do my part in that transformation. Part of that transformation is willing to let go. A butterfly does not try to change into a butterfly but allows nature to create the beauty of wings. I will continue my diet because I love my body for all it has given me. And, I will let go of outcome so that I can fly.


Staying out of Fear and Chaos

It has been a long time since I have been able to write. Busy schedules, company, and other distractions have kept me from writing on my blog and to you. I could feel it in the air that there were many things that kept me from being on my path. And the time has come again to write.

As you know, recently there have been earthquakes, tsunamis, and many earth changes. It has caused a modicum of fear to be present in many people. I saw an article where people in China bought up all of the iodized salt to protect them from the nuclear fallout. My first thought was that people would possibly die from overdosing on sodium. That concerned me.

I have been selling iodine for many years. It is a mineral that is often lacking in most people’s diet which is why they began putting iodine in salt many years ago. Here in Hawaii, many people are concerned also about the fallout and I have offered the iodine support to those around me. When people asked me whether this would protect them totally from the radiation, I explain that this will support the thyroid. It is important to start by titrating up as any sensible practice in starting a new substance in your body.

I heard from a friend yesterday that someone had died from overdosing on iodine on the mainland. So often we think that is a little goes a long way a lot will get us there faster. We need to understand that our bodies are delicate balances of minerals that are transporters and ones that help the body to function at its prime. If we give too much of a substance and there is not enough balance by another substance we either excreted or we store it. When we store it there is danger of being out of balance.

Many things put us out of our balance in our environment. We become toxic from radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and many other things. Here in Hawaii we have what is called vog (volcanic smog). It is made up of the poisonous gases that are expelled from the volcano. This vog contains sulfuric acid, Mercury, and other substances that are not very good for our health. People need to realize that if you walk down a busy street, you are inhaling not only what the movement of the tires and cars on the surface of the road sends up into the air, but also the exhaust from the cars. There are many poisonous substances in our environment that we are exposed to every day. Do we fear what is in our environment or do we protect ourselves by being educated?

It is important to be smart about protecting our bodies. To go along with that it is important to be smart about protecting our spirits and our emotional bodies.

Number one: stay out of fear.

Number two: be educated on what you are trying to do for yourself.

Number three: trust your sources, including what the news is putting out, the credentials of the person who is speaking about something, and using your own intuition rather than fear.

When we are in fear that is when accidents happen. It sets up a dissonant field that clouds our brain. Fear causes a stress reaction that is extremely unhealthy and our bodies. Often we are in fight or flight syndrome and may cause us to run around in circles rather than going straight for what we know we choose.

When we are in trust, we take the time to read between the lines, we take the time to read the literature accurately, and we know which sources to trust. If something doesn’t feel right, or we have a question, we go to the right source to find the answers. When we trust we are breathing, when we are in fear we hold our breath. Notice how it feels in your body when you hold your breath. When we hold our breath we don’t accomplish anything because we are running around in circles.

I think I’ve been holding my breath lately. I am trying (trying is not a good word because it always leaves that open end that allows a but…) to build a newsletter for my website. To me computer jargon tends to be a bit overwhelming. Energetically, when I get overwhelmed, I tend to block things even on the computer. This morning I sat down and took some breaths and meditated. I have a short time before I leave for the mainland to complete the information for a seminar that I would like to put out in June. Of course, tax time is coming up and that needs to be completed too. By taking these breaths I am able to focus and began putting down words for my post.

I realize that computers are great for multitaskers, but for me they create distractions with downloads, e-mail, all of the things on the web, and I can’t seem to get much done. I need to find a way to get organized on my computer. That would take someone to teach me. The trick is finding someone with knowledge and patience. Patience being the big P. In that statement, I realize I need to have patience with myself.

I’m asking all of you, if you like my writing to sign up at my websites for the newsletter. You can go to or

I know it’s a lot to ask you to allow one more piece of e-mail to come across your mail program but I feel this is important to help people with this transition time. They say get ready for 2012 but the changes are coming quick and fast now. We need to change our thinking and stay in the now. We need to realize how important community is. Those in the Middle East got community together and have toppled governments. Those here in Hawaii cleaned up an entire bay by banding the community together. The community pulled out a two-story house piece by piece. What can you do to make a difference? Look deep inside, stay out of fear, and trust your intuition. Then take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other to accomplish what you wish to accomplish. You are the creator of your fate. Which path would you choose to walk?



This is the season of giving. And at times it is the season of receiving. There are many holiday traditions whether it is religious or not. Some people celebrate Christmas, some Hanukkah, some the solstice, but no matter what you celebrate, there needs to be a balance. Many people get so stressed out especially with stores putting up decorations at Halloween. Some people even start Christmas shopping with the sales after Christmas the year before.

How many of you have bought all the gifts, and said to others, “don’t worry you don’t need to get me anything”? Inside, you wish that others would get you something in return. And then, your feelings are hurt, when they don’t get you anything. Being a martyr just doesn’t fit any longer.

The old paradigm of gift giving seems a little out of date. We live in a very material world. Children who tear through a pile of packages only learn to expect more. When the last gift has been looked at for a moment, they look around and ask, “Is that all?” They don’t learn from that type of giving what it’s like to give through the heart. What are we teaching our children?

As we grow older we learn what’s important in life. To me, I have learned that friends, family no matter whether they are blood relatives or not, and learning to give as well as receive from a sense of heartfelt gratitude is what’s important.

When you give from a sense of servitude or necessity and leave out the heart the energetics of that gift is not felt deeply. One of my pet peeves around gifts was when the giver would ask what I wanted. To me, that never seemed like a gift from the heart, only the pocketbook. I learned to give myself those gifts that I really wanted. When someone would think about what I wanted, and I could really feel it when I received it, those were the gifts I treasured the most.

This year I gave myself a beautiful wooden flute. I was able to support someone whose work I admired. I am giving a gift of a gifted artist, whose work is not always recognized. When I asked him to make this gift, his eyes lit up and I truly knew I made a difference. This way I gave two gifts, one to the artist and one that I hope will be cherished by the person who receives it. (If I tell who it’s for the surprise will be lost.)

My favorite way of giving is to find things throughout the year that I know someone would like and send it when I’m thinking of them. I also have learned to enjoy receiving. Often, it is only those words that someone says that mean so much or the acts of kindness from people each and every day.

Live in gratitude each and every day, love those who are around you, don’t be stingy with your compliments, and most of all learn to receive. Begin to look at people in your life as gifts, No matter whether they are gift-wrapped or hard to take they offer you something in their knowing you. Find the good in everyone, even your worst enemy, and it will bring you and them more joy. Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time.

May your holidays be filled with joy, love, and laughter. Take some time out for yourself and if no one remembers you, remember yourself.