K. Roberts, Eugene, Oregon
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 9:43AM
Nancy Emery

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at the age of 28. After surgery (lumpectomy and lymph node removal), I immediately began seeing Nancy for lymphatic massage, which I continued weekly throughout chemotherapy and radiation. I can't begin to describe how much benefit I got from her treatment. Of course, I experienced all the emotional and spiritual results of massage and energetic healing. But more than anything, I beleive her lymphatic massage helped me very specifically in my physical recovery. My scars were almost smooth immediately. I never experienced any lymphedema. And although swelling and loss of strength is common on the arm where lymph nodes are removed, I had only minimal problems with this -- the slight swelling I experienced soon after surgery was alleviated with the lymphatic massage, and my muscle strength returned very quickly. Lymphatic massage very much alleviated the swelling in the breast caused by radiation. There are so many benefits that Nancy's treatment added, and for me, it was an essential component of my treatment ... and almost 6 years after my diagnosis, I am completely healthy.

K. Roberts, Eugene, Oregon

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