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Take a journey into healing in this three level transformative course. Using energetic and intuitive techniques can become a way of life because as we get closer to ourselves we become closer to Source.

This series creates an opportunity for you to trust your intuition in a way you have never known before. You’ll identify and explore more new gifts in your life.

Through newly gained knowledge and healing, you will be ready to take those steps in your life that until now have only been dreams and ideas by releasing old patterns that keep one stuck and unable to manifest.

As this three-level series progresses you will learn to tune into your divine self and channel the energy of guides and angels.

You will learn to read your energy and the energy of others and assist in the release of patterns, thought forms, and other energy densities that keep a person stuck in duality.

The classes include past life work. All together, these tools assist in self-actualization.

Level One FOCUS: The energy patterns of life will be studied through meditation, instruction and experiential exercises.

Course topics include:

• Chakras and aura

• Grounding and holding a sacred space for both yourself and others

• Energy grids and your connection to all

• Your energetic connection with others

• Energetic protection

• The energy of colors

• Clearing your own energy blocks


Level Two FOCUS: Begin working on others, and yourself, in healing. Through meditation, instruction and experiential exercises you will journey into another dimension.

Course topics includes:

• Connecting with your guides and angels

• Cords and whacks

• Thought forms

• Using your hands to heal

• Energetic Gauges

• Owning the room and advanced color information


Level Three FOCUS: Learn and explore advanced principles. Intensive meditations, hands-on instruction and experiential exercises will allow you to reach your fullest potential.

Course topics includes:

• Manifestation

• Timelines

• Karma

• The higher and lower chakras

• Working with your DNA

• Energy bodies

• Akashic Records

• Working with the soul

• Energetic Viruses

• Facades and masks



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